Today's businesses are changing with the demands of technology. The Internet is perhaps the largest growing force in our business world today. From entertainment to confidential business transactions, the Internet has become the leading source of communication because of it's speed and efficiency.


Hotspots allow the Internet to be at your fingertips while you are away from your desk. A few places you may have had the opportunity to take advantage of a hotspot is your local park, coffee shop, or if your city provides a wide coverage, a street bench! Many people use laptops, PDAs, and VoIP phones - all of which need Wi-Fi to function in locations such as restaurants, campsites, hotels, hospitals, and many other areas of interest.

Make your hotspot an investment with the pay-per-use feature! Pay-per-use is perfect for businesses who do not offer free amenities with their services, or those who do not wish to include Wi-Fi as one of their free amenities. With our experience in Wi-Fi hotspot set-ups, we are able to install your Wi-Fi and train your staff to maintain free or pay-per-use Wi-Fi.