Price List
On-Site Repair
$85 per hour
On-Site Repair
$95 per hour
New PC Set-Up $65 - includes up to one hour of hardware and software configuration for optimal performance
(In-Shop Only)
Data Transfer $45 - Transfer data to another PC or removable media.
(additional charges may apply for supplied DVDs when requested)
Virus Removal $75 - includes standard virus removal. Please note that data recovery could incur additional charges
(In-Shop Only)
System Reload (basic) $90 - includes standard format and reload of licensed operating system - does not include updates or additional software installations
(In-Shop Only)
System Reload (advanced) $125 - includes advanced format and reload of licensed operating system plus Windows updates and important software installations
(In-Shop Only)
Commercial Wi-Fi Free Consultation!
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Bench Inspection Fee $25
Required for Troubleshooting
Estimates Given upon request
Monthy Managed Maintenance Coming Soon